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Why the CERTA Learning Center?

Why the CERTA Learning Center? Have you ever wondered if your child might benefit from instruction in a nontraditional classroom setting? At the CERTA Learning Center, we feel it is important to teach reading and writing skills in the content areas of science, mathematics, and technology. Our skilled instructors are flexible when it comes to […]


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In addition to course offerings, we provide individualized testing and tutoring in the following subjects: High School and College Placement Examinations SAT ♦ SAT Subject Tests ♦ ACT ♦ PSAT SSAT ♦ HSPT ♦ ISEE ♦ TACHS ♦ CHSEE Mathematics & Logic Reading Comprehension Word Attack Skills Spelling & Phonics English World Languages Writing Skills Study Skills Secondary Science Biology […]

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First, Do No Harm: What is the Common Core?

Iatrogenesis is a term used in the medical community that suggests the cure should not be more harmful than the disease.  Common Core has been offered as a “cure” for the United States “failing” education system. However, the implementation of the Common Core has caused many stakeholders to wonder if the remedy prescribed is more […]

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