Welcome to The CERTA Learning Center!

Located in Williston Park, New York, The CERTA Learning and Research Center has been a staple in the field of education since 1986. With over 30 years of experience, the staff members at CERTA are dedicated to the professional development of educators, business personnel, community leaders, and the important balance of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. CERTA Research Corp. has established a firm foundation in how people learn in order to help individuals become effective communicators and productive members of society.

Have you ever wondered if your child might benefit from instruction in a nontraditional classroom setting?

At the CERTA Learning Center, we feel it is important to teach reading and writing skills in the content areas of science, mathematics, and technology. Our skilled instructors are flexible when it comes to teaching students with differing ability levels. That is why we emphasize both enrichment and remediation. In some cases, parents send their children to CERTA in order to obtain a competitive edge or explore content knowledge that is not being covered in the classroom. In other cases, students come to CERTA because they might be struggling with a particular subject, or perhaps they need additional encouragement. While enhancing knowledge in the content area, students work to improve those skills identified as needing remediation. In doing so, students are given the additional benefit of exposure to these vital subjects.