Dear Parents and Guardians,

Have you ever wondered if your child’s school is preparing your son or daughter with the necessary math skills in order to succeed in the present-day workforce or the jobs of the future? The staff at The CERTA Learning Center believe that it’s never too soon to prepare for College. We want to ensure that your child is prepared thoroughly for the increasingly “high-stakes” testing environment. Our experienced teachers integrate game strategy and test-taking skills to help your child boost confidence, think flexibly, and succeed in math, not just in middle school or high school, but in college and beyond.

Mathematics is one of the most important gatekeeper subjects for future success in college and the workforce. Given this important status that the subject holds for succeeding in college and beyond, evidence suggests that most schools—both public and private—are not providing the appropriate math content that will help students reach their potential and meet the types of skills that they will need to achieve success in the present and future workplace. Indeed, a solid knowledge of mathematics is essential in numerous professional fields: medicine, engineering, and data resource management are three of many professions that we believe will be essential for our future success and wellbeing.

At The CERTA Learning Center, our Math Plus Enrichment Program aims to fill the gap in mathematical content and understanding that school may not be providing for your child. The Math Plus Enrichment Program has courses designed for grades 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Each part of our Math Plus Enrichment Program consists of 10 classes. Given a maximum of 10 students per class, Math Plus encourages students to ask questions in a positive atmosphere. In Math Plus, students will realize that mathematics is truly a fun and interesting subject, and that with effort, anyone can succeed in the subject and be successful in it in high school, college, and beyond.

An application form with details about the course can be downloaded by clicking on the Applications link.


The Faculty of the CERTA Learning Center