Why the CERTA Learning Center?

Have you ever wondered if your child might benefit from instruction in a nontraditional classroom setting? At the CERTA Learning Center, we feel it is important to teach reading and writing skills in the content areas of science, mathematics, and technology. Our skilled instructors are flexible when it comes to teaching students with differing ability levels. That is why we emphasize both enrichment and remediation. In some cases, parents send their children to CERTA in order to obtain a competitive edge or explore content knowledge that is not being covered in the classroom. In other cases, students come to CERTA because they might be struggling with a particular subject, or perhaps they need additional encouragement. While enhancing knowledge in the content area, students work to improve those skills identified as needing remediation. In doing so, students are given the additional benefit of exposure to these vital subjects.

What makes the CERTA Learning Center unique?

CERTA is clearly set apart from other centers and educational enterprises where the aim is to focus merely on isolated reading and mathematics skills. CERTA recognizes that society becomes more mathematically, scientifically, and technically oriented each day. It is apparent that every phase of our lifestyle is tied to some aspect of mathematics and science. To deal in such a fast paced society with complex issues and problems, we must be certain that our children are critical readers, informed decision makers, and effective problem solvers. This is why we must increase their level of mathematical and scientific literacy and expose our children to as many of the mathematical and scientific principles as possible.

CERTA is unique due to the qualifications of the instructors. Our staff members have a wide range of backgrounds that demonstrate their abilities to relate complex ideas and subject matter in a concise manner. The instructors never forget the difficulty that certain students may have with a particular subject. Our instructors use a variety of techniques and materials that allow them the flexibility to meet the individual student’s needs as well as the ability to match the student’s learning style. Topics that often spark students’ interest include: lasers, robotics, aviation/aerospace, the natural world of animals, the human body, prehistoric life, and various forms of sea life. This is only a small fraction of the topics that may serve as a contextual backdrop for a session.

CERTA’s distinction in educational services is its open access policy. There is never a prescribed or required number of sessions to which a parent or student must commit in advance. You are not locked into signing a contract for our services and paying for services in advance. In other words, there are no contracts, no mandated testing before tutoring, and no additional material charges. We inform parents that services for psycho-educational testing may be available to them from their local school districts free of charge. We also serve as student advocates to represent parents and students at school conferences and special education meetings.

In addition, CERTA does not compel instructors to follow a corporate method of teaching. The instruction is individual, and the teachers rely on their skill and knowledge and experience of best practices in the field of education and human development. They are not given a script to read and a predetermined skill set—as one may find in other learning centers.